2023 Series Trophy

Six meetings count towards the trophy for 2023. A point score will be given from the overall result of a meeting. Points will be awarded as follows; (Group C not included). Positions 33 onwards to receive 1 point providing they finish at least one lap of practice or a heat.

1st60 Points10th27 Points19th15 Points28th6 points
2nd55 Points11th25 Points20th14 Points29th5 Points
3rd50 Points12th23 Points21st13 Points30th4 Points
4th46 Points13th21 Points22nd12 Points31st3 Points
5th42 Points14th20 Points23rd11 Points32nd2 Points
6th38 Points15th19 Points24th10 Points
7th35 Points16th18 Points25th9 Points
8th32 Points17th17 Points26th8 Points
9th29 Points18th16 Points27th7 Points