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Have you ever wanted to drive your street car, high performance or race car at a real race circuit?

Then Regularity is for You!

Regularity is about tactical driving.

The objective is to let you compete with limited speed restriction to suit your own driving ability and skill level, making it competition motorsport rather than racing.

Regularity is a great motorsport event for either the beginner or the most experienced competitor.

Being relatively safe and affordable, it attracts enthusiasts of all ages and gender.

Regularity events are friendly and co-operative, with competitors sharing information, resources and assistance.

Overview of the rules

Regularity is a competition where the driver nominates a lap time and endeavours to maintain that time over a number of flying laps of the race circuit.

Each tenth of a second away from the nominated time scores penalty points.

The driver with the least points wins, or the driver with the most points, eg. furthest from their nominated lap time comes last.

It’s a relatively safe form of competition, as outright speed or lap time is not a consideration in scoring.

Therefore, you don’t need an expensive race car – your street car can be just as competitive as even the latest sports car.

A car passing you on the track is not perceived as beating you, as competitors are not permitted to block or dice with each other, as in racing or sprinting.

These rules result in much safer competition and any competitor who blocks or dices will attract a penalty from the event officials.

Regularity is a very economical way to start in Motorsport

  • You will need a Motorsport Australia “Speed” licence (as a minimum).
  • Entry fees may vary but the normal entry cost is $187 per day with a $12.00 discount for Austin 7 Club members. The fee for each event is stated on the events entry form which must be lodged along with the payment prior to the event.
  • Dorian Timing Transmitters can be purchased from TTM for $440 or a discounted price of $425 for financial members of Track Time Motorsport.
    Timing Transmitters are also available for hire at our events for $35 per weekend by requesting one when entering.
    Details can be found on the Regularity Resource Pages.
  • Annual membership to the Austin 7 Club is listed here.

You need the following:

  • You will need a current membership of a Motorsport Australia affiliated club, eg. Austin 7 Club of SA Inc.   Click here to join the Austin 7 Club of SA Inc if you wish
  • A Motorsport Australia Speed Licence or higher. A Speed Licence can be issued to you by your Motorsport Australia affiliated club.
  • Neck to wrist to ankle clothing must be worn, eg. jeans and jumper or cotton overalls. Clothing and footwear of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon is unacceptable.
  • An in-date fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 900g complying to AS1841 must be fitted to the car.
    (Note: extinguishers complying to AS1841.2 are not acceptable.)
  • A Motorsport Australia approved helmet must be worn.
  • A competition number, allocated by the organiser, must be displayed on each side of the car. A black number 280mm high with 50mm line thickness in “Arial Bold” with a white background on the doors is required. A4 photocopies in the rear side windows are acceptable as long as they are readable by the time keepers.
  • Dorian DATA-1 timing transmitters are required for all cars and must be fitted for all sessions. Timing transmitters are available for hire or purchase from the organisers if required.

Click here to join the Austin 7 Club of SA Inc if you wish

A Guide for your first time out

  • Arrive on time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions…the atmosphere is very friendly between competitors.
  • At most events there will be a competition relations officer who will be happy to help you with your questions or offer guidance.
  • Once at the track, empty your car of loose items. Taking out the spare wheel is also a good idea.
  • Don’t forget to check that your tyres are correctly inflated. Usually a few more psi than for road use is recommended.
  • You will then be given the opportunity to practice on the track. At the conclusion of this practice session you will need to nominate your lap time to the secretary of the meeting before the first event.
  • You can change your lap times between events as you become more proficient at lapping the track.
  • Cruise control must not be used.

Preparing your Car

  • You need to make sure that your car is mechanically sound and safe, and does not leak oil. Additional requirements listed below are a guide (the requirements of Motorsport Australia must be adhered to)
  • A blue triangle with sides 150mm needs to be placed on the body work of the car to indicate the position of the battery (blue contact is fine).
  • A transparent adhesive film must cover all forward facing glass, except windscreen. (This usually only applies to glass headlights and indicator lights, pop-up headlights must still be covered.)
  • Each throttle, whether butterfly, slide or other type must be fitted with a return mechanism, which in the event of the throttle linkage becoming detached, in all cases will return the throttle to the closed position. (Most modern cars comply with this regulation.)
  • Tow points are mandatory, imported cars usually have them already fitted from where they are tied down on the ships.
  • The bonnet must be fitted with at least 2 independent fastening systems of adequate strength and limited extendability, which simultaneously hold the bonnet or panels closed.(Most modern cars comply with this regulation.)
  • Remove all loose items, such as pens, books, water bottles, etc.
  • Check your Tyre Pressures – take a small pump, as you will want your pressures a few PSI higher for the track.  Don’t forget to deflate to the correct pressure for the drive home!
  • Check your Fluids!
    • In particular, old or low quality Brake Fluid can cause a loss of braking.
    • Do NOT mix mineral and synthetic brake fluids.
    • Some cars prefer a slightly higher oil level than you would run on the street – check with other competitors.
    • Take spare fuel – However there are self service pumps at Mallala Motorsport Park if you want to purchase fuel at the track.

Check these off for every event!